It's getting chillier again

Hey guys, no posts for such a long time, but it is not always easy to find time and also to get someone who actually takes the picture. Now Christmas is near again and the chilly winter evenings come closer.
The last months after my wedding I did not only dip dye my hair as you see above- I also got it dyed by the hairdresser in an auburn, Lana del Reyish colour. The colour itself was quite nice, but it did not match with my skin colour though. But now I'm back to blonde and will keep it (hopefully) longer. What do you think? 

Coat: Primark// Shoes: Bought from a friend// Disco pants: American Apparel//


Summer Dip Dye

A lot of things happened since I last posted here, but I am still alive. I finally handed in my paper for the finals and my boyfriend and me got married so we are now husband and wife! <3 
I swore to myself that after the wedding I would dye my hair in some colour and that's what I did now. It is a subtle pinkish colour and will gradually fade away. Please don't hesitate to tell me how you like my looks.


Wedges: ebay// Shorts: H&M// Shirt: New Yorker// Flower Crown: etsy// Hair colour: Directions lilac mixed with pastel pink and diluted


La chemise blanche

Yeah, I like to name my posts with french titles. Sounds more intellectual^^
Well, "la chemise blanche" simply means "the white blouse". 
And this stunning white one I got from PRIMARK in Frankfurt. Actually, I don't buy a lot of clothes there very often as I don't like the quality of some of the clothes. But in my opinion, this blouse is stunning and so I am curious, how long it will remain its prettiness.

A different chapter with accessories at Primark. I think you can get fashionable accessories for a very good price there.
I got the cross earrings at Primark as well and I think they will become my new favourite ones. I know I am a little late with this trend, but before I've only seen them in Urban Outfitters 'round here for a ridiculously high price.



I chose this title because I find the materials and styles in this outfit are not typical to be mixed but here, the apparent "inconsistency in style" is intentional.

Wedges (Creepers): Primark// Paisley tights: Primark// Velvet Dress: H&M